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Camp Sainte has been a labour of love and a dream in the making for six years. The summer of 2020 threw up the opportunity to create this small camp for two, tucked away in the secluded recesses of my garden, in the heart of the Norfolk Broads countryside. This POP UP camp offers an incredibly quiet and peaceful retreat  under the gaze of St. Mary's Church, Hickling. Your only companions will be the silent flutter of evening bats, the hoot of distant owls and the occasional visit from our resident muntjac deer - not to mention the chickens who merrily roam, free range around the garden and camp. I have created this site available to enjoy throughout July and August every year. It is an idyllic retreat to come back to after a day gadding about on beaches, rivers and wild wanderings in this unique wetland landscape and, I hope you fall in love with this magical corner of the world - Camp Sainte can't wait to welcome you. 



''The klop, klop of water under the bows of a small boat will cure most troubles in this world'' - Arthur Ransome (Coot Club)

Camp Sainte is set in the heart of the Norfolk Broads National Park, in the village of Hickling. 

Hickling Broad proudly holds the title as being the largest of the Norfolk Broads and quietly, one of the wildest. It's geography prevents the hoards of marine craft navigating their way to this wild waterway and so, it's a haven for wildlife and a playground for paddle boards, kayaks and canoes as well as wind surfers. Hickling Broad can also claim to be the chosen home of the rare and beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly - you will be hard pressed to find this elusive beauty anywhere else in the world!

The Village of Hickling and the Broad is where the river strewn wetland landscape of the broads begins to meet the sea, providing unique and wild vistas with undisturbed habitats for many species as well as fabulous access to some of Norfolk's best beaches, just a stones throw from camp. 


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